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Cobb Property Management Ltd has a reputation for detail and providing a premium level of quality accommodation to Aucklander's

We all know first impressions count and none more so than when presenting a rental or property for sale. As websites are the leading forum for property promotion, photography has never been so important.

If you are about to list your property for sale or for rent, do take the time to de-clutter, redecorate, consider to temporarily remove old furniture for the photograph, maybe borrow friends art and or a classic furniture piece to stand out.  

Round up any important documents that will help support the properties history of improvements. You can prepare a summary sheet or booklet of all the positive aspects of the property, be it sunshine at certain times, great neighbours, community activities, also informing how things work in the property is very helpful.

For a more in depth description of our services please navigate to our landlord section. If you are interested in selling or buying property please contact Darin Cobb direct anytime on 021 917 688.

We have been genuinely pleased with the management services that Darin Cobb has provided for the past 20 years, we were committed when he started his own company brand

Ardy Teguh, Property Investor

Darin is very pro-active, down to earth, easy to work with, very knowledgeable provides advice, guidance and support over and above of what you can expect from a property manager

Carsten Falcke, Sydney

"Cobb Property applies leading edge internet property management systems which eradicate paperwork, allowing us to concentrate on what matters most - our clients' requirements."

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