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Cobb Property Sales was established in 2009 and much like its Property Management Division we provide a space between the large franchise agencies providing a transparent alternative.

Since day one, buyer feedback has always been very positive and we know from our successful sales, that we do provide value, transparency, logic, integrity and all those qualities that go into facilitating a successful property sale.

The legislation around selling and buying property over the past two years has been reined in, untangled, tightened and now razor sharp to protect both buyers and sellers, but more so to expel unprofessional real estate agents.

We deliver a boutique and personalised service, that you will find refreshing in a sea of high pressure, persuasive sales teams. Although, required sometimes, we do find this is not on the main menu for most buyers.

Negotiating is definitely a skill; tuning into the subtleties of peoples needs and requirements both buyer and seller, listening and providing clear concise and positive information with a professional delivery is what we aspire to.         

We recommend and open for discussion various platforms to sell, such as auction, deadline sale, price by negotiation and fixed price, the decision is always yours.      

Selling a property is a serious undertaking and we embrace every challenge with    a heightened enthusiasm when a property is entrusted with us to sell.   

We welcome any questions you may have and appreciate your visit to our website.


Do bigger estate agencies produce more intrest in your property because of their brand?

Larger companies will tell you there are 20,000 agents right behind them capable of selling the property. The fact is any agent can sell any property if the master agent allows it, which involves sharing the commission.

Cobb Property invites all realty companies to introduce their buyers, we do not lock the commission into the company.

Most agents will have a hot list of buyers, however until the property is brought openly onto the market by way of advertising, will you ensure you’ve covered all bases. Essentially a 30 - 60 day sales program will generate the highest price.

The cost of advertising could be from from $500 - $5,000, depending on the property. Apart from providing the text for the advertising, third party companies / individuals do all the marketing, flyers, signs, media, facebook, video. It is all at our fingertips. Cobb Property will include the cost of advertising in the commission stucture.    

We have been genuinely pleased with the management services that Darin Cobb has provided for the past 20 years, we were committed when he started his own company brand

Ardy Teguh, Property Investor

Darin is very pro-active, down to earth, easy to work with, very knowledgeable provides advice, guidance and support over and above of what you can expect from a property manager

Carsten Falcke, Sydney


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